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We drop them.

We get behind them.

We try to juggle the heck out of them.

Sometimes in rare moments of light we may even find ourself on top of one...

Sometimes we have a ball and other times all we can do is throw one.

Today, I am choosing to pick mine back up again. An electric orange bowling ball, naturally. A metaphorical ball that for me represents a desire to believe, dream and plan. A ball that has been lying at my feet for a few months - a tough few months. I feel the quiet nudge of it but I honestly haven't had the desire to do anything with it. AND if I am being really honest, I don't have the strongest desire to pick it up even today. BUT I am more tired of looking at it then anything else so I figured it was time to try something new.

I am not quite sure what will be next. What the something "new" might be? I don't foresee earth shattering evolutions (yet) but more along the lines of making space to reinvigorate the tendrils of a lost tale. A means to find the light again in the daily, to reconnect to a flame.

I don't know but I do know...

I know it will be small.

I know it might not be easy.

I know the ball will feel heavy.

I know I will have the urge to put it back down.

I know I will succumb to the daily distractions life presents.

I know I will lose my motivation.

I know I will feel lost and discouraged once again.

I know, right now, the drag is no longer working for me.

I know I am ready to want to feel the spark with my own story once more.

I know that no one is going to pick this ball up for me.

So for now, first step: pick up the ball. Nothing more, nothing less.

Your turn. I ask you, do you have a ball that is laying by your feet? Or perhaps a ball you desperately want to put down? Are you exhausted with the juggling act or ready to take aim at the set of 10 pins enticing you to knock them all down. Strike!

The ball is in your court, pun intended. The question remains, what do you want to do with yours?

For me, for now, I will simply pick mine up and mark it is as a small first step. Tomorrow....we will see.

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